Each order will come with ONE cloth drawstring bag per 3 field cloths.

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We Are Pvramid

We Are Pvramid


"To establish a culture of High Quality, Style, and Authenticity in the world of TCGs."
The TCG family is more than just a ragged collection of nerds and children.
We are men, women, and youth who are passionate about our hobby and lifestyle.
Our mission is to support that passion by providing a line of products that elevate our love for TCGs to a whole new level.

We've always felt the community needed a brand that would champion a new cultural identity that represents us.

We want to fill that role by establishing a fresh, unique product DNA that will give TCG players around the world a sense of pride, ownership, and belonging.



Three friends after a long day of work met up at our favorite local game shop. After an intense round of Sealed Deck Wars we started rolling up our cloth playmats to call it a night. We love our playmats, and started talking about making our own.

I pulled out my little black journal and listed what we'd like to see if we made our own line of high-end playmats. Things like edge stitching and fantastic artwork. We wanted to see artwork that represented the spirit of the games we played, preferably by our favorite artists.

We then spent weeks researching fabrics to suit different players' taste and styles. Some like them firm and smooth, while others prefer them soft and fuzzy. We just want to make playmats that everyone could choose from and enjoy, in their own way.

So we decided to start a company and pool together everything we've learned from our different careers to create a new brand that represented the games we love.

After months of brainstorming the name, designing a killer logo, hunting down the right materials and local manufacturers, we were finally ready to launch Pvramid playmats. 

We hope you enjoy our products and come to love the Pvramid brand.