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  • The majority of our field cloths are PRE-ORDER items and not available for immediate shipping. We truly appreciate your patience as we work hard to bring you the best product possible.
  • Production times can be upwards of 2 months as we are a small team of dedicated individuals who take pride and care in our craft. We source the fabrics, print, and stitch the field cloths in-house.
  • Follow us on our socials or join us on Discord for any production updates and/or delays. 

Why do you call them field cloths and not playmats?

"Field" for the area of engagement and "cloth" for the variety of fabrics that you could game/play on.

We believe our product has truly transcended the average cloth playmat and is in a category of its own. We spare no expense to find unique, high quality fabrics and pay extreme attention to detail in every print. We were also the first to reinforce the edges with a unique process of edge-stitching for added durability and aesthetic. 

When reptiles grew feathers and wings, they were not called flying reptiles. They transcended the reptilian species altogether and became birds :)

Do you have a consolidated list of all your fabrics to compare?

See our Fabric Guide

How big are your field cloths?

Each cloth is 26 inches by 26 inches but size variations of roughly half an inch can occur due to the hand crafted nature of our products.

I see "x” field cloth is sold out, is there a chance of a restock?

As long as we have remaining stock and the design is not vaulted, there is a chance of a restock (please check What happens when a design is vaulted? below). We regularly release our playmats in batches to provide everyone a fair chance at obtaining one. Products will also occasionally re-stock due to order cancellations. 

If an item is sold out, remember to check back regularly as we don't always announce when another batch is made available. Please follow us on our socials for random drop announcements.

Can't you just send me an invoice for the field cloth that I want if you are gonna release more anyway?

Unfortunately, no. It would not be fair to others who are interested in the same limited field cloth. Having everyone order through the site ensures that everyone has an equal chance at our limited run field cloths.

Why don't you just make more of that design if it's so sought after? Everyone should have it!

We are always doing our best to listen to the community and consider new chase sets when possible. We also want to be careful not to flood the market as many of our field cloths are considered collectible, and flooding would be a disservice to those who have placed high value on their investments.

Lastyl, many of our chase and prototype fabrics are limited. We rarely have an infinite supply and thus try to spread it out across various designs. As a result, we are limited to creating small batches of any given design on a specific material.

What happens when a design is vaulted?

When a design is vaulted, it means no more field cloths will be printed with that design.  While there could be restocks of remaining inventory after a design has been vaulted; once we run out, we are out. 

Current Vaulted Designs

  • Witch Guide of the Halloworld
  • Holiday Sorceress
  • The Sky Dragon
  • Angedevimon

What is a "Gatcha"?

Certain field cloths will have a note in the description stating a chance at *Gatcha* stitching. This means every cloth has a 1 in 7 chance of obtaining a rare variant with exclusive iridescent stitching. So, are you feeling lucky?

What is a red-stitched field cloth?

While we have made some available for purchase via Chase/Prototype Cloths; a true red-stitched is earned. True red-stitched field cloths are exclusive to tournament winners, giveaway prize winners, our team of influencers or as a thank you to a community contributor.

We have only recently began offering certain red-stitched field cloths for sale after they have ended their main production run. Keep an eye out on our Prototypes section for occasional unannounced drops.


When does my field cloth ship?

Due to the artisanal nature of our field cloths there will be a delay between when you place an order and when the order is shipped. Each cloth is individually hand-printed and hand-stitched. This delay is most apparent if you place multiple orders, as we will wait until all of your orders are complete before we ship them to reduce your shipping costs. If you ordered a cloth that hasn't been printed yet, it will also cause delays in your order.

How do I merge my orders?

Note: Orders are NOT merged automatically. If you ordered more than one field cloth during a specific design run, you must message us on https://pvramid.com/pages/contact-us or at customercare@pvramid.com.

Please make sure to send us all of your relevant order numbers so that we can manually merge your orders and reduce your shipping costs. Otherwise, we will ship your order as it comes off the production line.

When do I get my shipping refund on merged orders?

You will receive a partial refund on shipping, when we process your manual merge. Refunds may take anywhere between 3-5 business days or more depending on your bank/card. If you do not receive your shipping refund by the time your package arrives, please message us at https://pvramid.com/pages/contact-us or at customercare@pvramid.com with all the relevant information. Please include your name and all order numbers associated with the purchase.