Each order will come with ONE cloth drawstring bag per 3 field cloths.

Orders require 1-2 WEEKS for processing before shipment. For Pre-Ordered items, please refer to listing

We are aware that some new products are not visible outside the USA. We are working with tech support to remedy this issue ASAP.

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Returns Policy

International Customers

Chroma Collection


  • The majority of our products will ship within one to two weeks of the initial order date if it is not considered a PRE-ORDER item.
  • A select few of our items will be PRE-ORDER items and not available for immediate shipping. We truly appreciate your patience as we work hard to bring you the best product possible.
  • Production times can be upwards of 4 weeks for any items listed as PRE-ORDER as we are a small team of dedicated individuals who take pride and care in our craft. We source the fabrics, print, and stitch the field cloths in-house.
  • Please understand that all Pvramid Gaming field cloths are each HAND-MADE, HAND-PRINTED AND HAND-STITCHED so by nature, there will often be imperfections and have unique differences and inconsistencies.
  • Follow us on our socials or join us on Discord for any production updates and/or delays. 

Why do you call them field cloths and not playmats?

"Field" for the area of engagement and "cloth" for the variety of fabrics that you could game/play on.

We believe our product has truly transcended the average cloth playmat and is in a category of its own. We spare no expense to find unique, high quality fabrics and pay extreme attention to detail in every print. We were also the first to reinforce the edges with a unique process of edge-stitching for added durability and aesthetic. 

When reptiles grew feathers and wings, they were not called flying reptiles. They transcended the reptilian species altogether and became birds :)

Do you have a consolidated list of all your fabrics to compare?

See our Fabric Guide

What is the difference between Digital and Artisan field cloths?

Our Digital field cloths are sublimated using a special printing process that permanently burns the image into the fabric. While this process renders the surface slightly less plush than their Artisan counterparts, the surface still remains significantly softer and smoother than standard rubber and cloth playmats. These field cloths are often produced in much higher quantities than their Artisan counterparts and are intended to be much more accessible.

Our Artisan field cloths are hand screened using high quality inks and often unique fabrics. Due to the laborious work required to produce these field cloths and limited quantities of fabric we are able to obtain, these field cloths are often shorter run and much more limited in quantity than their Digital counter parts. However, they are far more premium and much more unique in nature due to the production methods and fabrics used.

Where are your field cloths produced?

Our field cloths are proudly produced in the United States of America from print to stitch.

How big are your field cloths?

Each cloth is 26 inches by 26 inches but size variations of roughly half an inch can occur due to the hand crafted nature of our products.

I see "x” field cloth is sold out, is there a chance of a restock?

As long as we have remaining stock and the design is not vaulted, there is a chance of a restock (please check What happens when a design is vaulted? below). We regularly release our playmats in batches to provide everyone a fair chance at obtaining one. Products will also occasionally re-stock due to order cancellations. 

If an item is sold out, remember to check back regularly as we don't always announce when another batch is made available. Please follow us on our socials for random drop announcements.

Can't you just send me an invoice for the field cloth that I want if you are gonna release more anyway?

Unfortunately, no. It would not be fair to others who are interested in the same limited field cloth. Having everyone order through the site ensures that everyone has an equal chance at our limited run field cloths.

Why don't you just make more of that design if it's so sought after? Everyone should have it!

We are always doing our best to listen to the community and consider new chase sets when possible. We also want to be careful not to flood the market as many of our field cloths are considered collectible, and flooding would be a disservice to those who have placed high value on their investments.

Lastly, many of our chase and prototype fabrics are limited. We rarely have an infinite supply and thus try to spread it out across various designs. As a result, we are limited to creating small batches of any given design on a specific material.

What happens when a design is vaulted?

When a design is vaulted, it means no more field cloths will be printed with that design.  While there could be restocks of remaining inventory after a design has been vaulted; once we run out, we are out. 

Current Vaulted Designs

  • Angedevimon
  • The Sky Dragon
  • Valentine's Lily
  • Holiday Sorceress
  • The Witch Guide of Halloworld

What is a "Gatcha"?

Certain field cloths will have a note in the description stating that there is a chance at a Gatcha variant. This means that when you purchase the field cloth, there is approximately a 1 and 7 chance that you will receive a rare variant of the field cloth with either a print variation and/or exclusive iridescent stitching. So...are you feeling lucky?

What is a red-stitched field cloth?

While we have made some available for purchase via Chase/Prototype Cloths; a true red-stitched is earned. True red-stitched field cloths are exclusive to tournament winners, giveaway prize winners, our team of influencers or as a thank you to a community contributor.

We have only recently began offering certain red-stitched field cloths for sale after they have ended their main production run. Keep an eye out on our Prototypes section for occasional unannounced drops.

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When does my field cloth ship?

The majority of field cloths that are sold on our site are sold as pre-orders.  This means that at the time of ordering, it is very likely that your field cloth has yet to be made.  This means that there could be a delay of two to five weeks from the point your order is placed to when your field cloth is shipped.  This is due to the fact that each field cloth is hand printed, hand stitched, and then inspected to ensure that it meets our high quality standards before it is packed and shipped.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, we fully understand that mistakes happen or you sometimes just need to move.  As such, we can update your delivery address as long as you contact us prior to the creation of your shipping label, however, once the shipping label is created we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix your address prior to shipping your order.

Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for deliveries lost due to incorrect shipping information, so you must ensure that your delivery address is correct upon check-out or we are provided correct information to properly update your address prior to the creation of your order’s shipping label. 

If you require an update to your delivery address, please use the Contact Us Form or email customercare@pvramid.com with the following information as soon as possible:

  • Your Name
  • Order#
  • Original Shipping Address
  • Corrected Shipping Address

My order has not arrived or was missing an item.

If your order has not arrived or was missing an item, please fill out our Contact Us Form and notify us of this issue.

If you are a domestic customer, please notify us of missing items within 2 weeks of receipt of your package or within 45 days after the last carrier scan for missing packages.

If you are an international customer, please notify us of missing items within 2 weeks of receipt of your package or within 90 days after the the last carrier scan for missing packages.

After this time frame has passed, we may be unable to assist with lost or missing items.

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We want you to be happy with your Pvramid Gaming purchase as we always strive for excellent quality and service. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase we are happy to offer a 7 day refund policy, minus the original shipping costs. We also charge a 15% restock fee and the cost of the return label.

Your original postage costs will not be refunded unless the item was sent in error or is defective (provided that we are notified of defects within 7 business days of delivery).

This policy only applies to orders containing “limited” field cloths that do NOT have Gatcha variants to prevent abuse of our returns policy.

Please see the Unlimited Series or Field Cloths with Gatcha Variants section below for any products in the Unlimited series or products that have Gatcha Variants.

NOTE: All items to be returned must be carefully re-packaged in their original packaging, be in unplayed condition, and show no signs of wear or abuse.

To arrange a return please use the Contact Us Form or email customercare@pvramid.com with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Order #
  • Details of the product
  • Reason for the return
  • Whether you require a refund or replacement if defective

Refunds will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the product that was returned.


If you purchased a field cloth that is part of The Unlimited Series or has a gatcha variant, then we can only accept the return of that field cloth if it shows clear and undeniable evidence of a production defect.

This does not include field cloths that are sold as “Production Errors” that are clearly indicated in the product description.


We are happy to provide refunds on any unfulfilled products with the exception of Unlimited Series field cloths*. To request a refund please use the Contact Us Form or email customercare@pvramid.com with your name, order #.

Any abuse of this policy can result in a warning placed on your account or being banned from placing future orders on Pvramid Gaming’s webstore.

 *We are unable to accept cancellations on Unlimited Series field cloths due to their print to demand nature.

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Please allow up to 2-3 months for your package to arrive. In most cases, your package should arrive within 1-2 weeks from the time we ship, but many countries are known to have unforeseen delays with customs and actual deliveries.

If you are using USPS First Class Mail International, please note, final delivery will be provided by your local Post Office. Once your package has cleared customs, the same tracking number will be viewable via your local PO or DHL tracking site.

Failure to pick up your package from your local PO or DHL could result in "Return to Sender". If this happens, a refund minus the shipping charge will only be is issued if the package arrives back to us.

Customs/Duties Fees

For our international customers, please note, we, Pvramid Gaming, are not responsible for customs, duty/import tax, or brokerage fees imposed by the selected shipping carrier or destination country. Please refer to your local customs office to learn more about your country's custom fees as each country has its own customs laws and duties values.

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The Chroma Collection is a huge assortment of prototypes, experimental cloths and colorways, and production samples that have been stitched with our proprietary threading process to encompass all the colors of the spectrum.


Typically our large Chroma drops will be announced and take place during special events, such as "Ice Chroma Sundays" and holiday Chroma events. 


Each purchase DURING A MAJOR CHROMA EVENT comes with a 72-hour Cooldown period, meaning you may only purchase ONE Chroma field cloth every 72 hours. If you see more than one available, choose wisely.


Certain Chroma cloths can be obtained by random unannounced drops. This means one may drop at any time on any given day. If you miss a drop, fear not! Flash Chroma drops will happen frequently and for as long as we are able.


The primary purpose of Flash Chroma drops is so obtaining a Chroma can be more widespread and easy for all customers. It is no secret that many customers have developed strategies to obtain prized Chromas during our major Chroma events. Because of this, and to minimize hoarding, we are implementing a 14-DAY COOLDOWN for Chromas obtained during a Flash Drop.

If you are currently on a Flash Chroma cooldown, you may still participate in a major Chroma Event. They do not share the same cooldown.

Most of our most rarest Chromas will be reserved for our major Chroma events. This does NOT mean Chromas on rare and highly hunted fabrics will not drop during Flash drops. But again, most Chromas the community would consider "grails" will not be available during Flash drops.


Each Chroma cloth will be numbered and certified by a team member, ensuring your field cloth is unique and catalogued.

We understand how special it feels to own a field cloth that is truly one of a kind. The Chroma Collection aims to spread that special experience to more of our community so we can all share in the excitement.



In order to minimize purchases by bots, scripts, and scalpers with additional/burner accounts, your account MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Your account must be a registered Pvramid account for at least 1 month. 
  2. Your account has not purchased a field cloth from the Chroma Collection within the past 72 hours (or 14 days for Flash Chromas).
  3. We cannot accept purchases from new or guest accounts. 
  4. We cannot accept purchases from known community members who are in negative or unfavorable standing in either Pvramid's or Amanda LaPalme's Discord communitites.

By purchasing a field cloth from this collection, you agree that you have read the purchase requirements above. Any purchases that violate these requirements will be canceled and refunded. Repeat offenders may be black listed.

Please understand that we feel it is necessary to implement these rules due to an increased amount of purchases made for the sole purpose of selling at unreasonably high prices on secondary markets.

While we understand that buying, selling, and trading is an integral part of the collector community (a part that we welcome and embrace), we also understand that this particular type of activity creates a negative buying experience as it is done with the sole intention of taking advantage of people that truly want to own something special.

Thank you for understanding and happy hunting!

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