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Playability (Difficult ➞ Playable) defines the ease-of use in terms of card fanning, general card movement, and overall comfort during play.

Ink Resilience (Ink Cracks ➞ Durable) defines how likely it is that ink on this field cloth will crack or crease after continuous use.

Softness Scale (Rigid ➞ Fluffy) defines how rigid or fluffy the fabric feels to pat. For example, canvas would be on the rigid end of the scale and fleece would be found on the fluffy end of the scale.

Maneuverability/Slide Factor (Grip ➞ Sleek) defines how smoothly cards glide on the surface of the fabric, for instance whether or not your cards stick to the cloth when fanning out cards.

Thickness (Thin ➞ Thick) defines how thick the fabric is. For example, a flat sheet would be on the thin end of the scale, while a comforter would be the thick end of the scale.

Directional Grip (Strong ➞ Smooth/None) defines how soft the fabric is in all directions when sliding with, against, and across the grain. For example, in a fabric with a stronger directional grip, a color change and some resistance will be noticed when sliding across the grain in a given direction, while a fabric with a smoother directional grip will have less noticeable color change and resistance when sliding across the grain in that same direction.

Weight defines how many ounces a field cloth sized swatch is when weighed without stitching.

Fabric Name Playability Ink Resilience Softness Scale Maneuverability Thickness Direction Grip Weight (oz)