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Product Care

Field Cloth Care

Pvramask Care


How do I get the creases out of my cloth?

It is not uncommon for your field cloth to be creased after being left folded in storage for an extended period of time.  To remove the creases  safely you will need an iron that has a low heat setting and ideally a steam setting.  Follow the following instructions to remove the creases:
  1.  Set your iron to a low setting that allows steam (ideally the SILK or WOOL settings).
  2. Set STEAM to the lowest setting.
  3. Gently iron the BACK SIDE of your field cloth along the visible creases.  Ensure that you do not hold your iron in one area for too long or you will damage your field cloth.

My field cloth has fluffies/fuzzies on it (i.e. pilling), can I fix that?

Some fabrics, even the most expensive can get fluffy pills on them. This happens when the fibers become tangled together in a tiny knot or ball, known as a pill. This can happen when the fabric is rubbed during normal wear and use. To remove the pills, we recommend using a Fabric Shaver to gently remove them.


Help! I accidentally spilled something on my cloth, can I run it in the washer to remove the stain?

We highly recommend spot cleaning using the guides listed below.

For everyday stains or dirt:

  1. Mix roughly 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap (Dawn preferred) with about 1/2 a cup of water. 
  2. Dab the stain with the cleaning solution using a clean white cloth. 
  3. Rub gently in a circular motion. 
  4. Blot the affected area until the liquid is absorbed. 
  5. Repeat the previous steps as needed to remove stains or dirt. 
  6. Dab the affected area with clean water and cloth to remove any leftover cleaning solution. 
  7. Lay the field cloth flat on top of a paper towel to dry.

For oily/greasy stains: 

  1. Apply Dawn dish soap directly to the cloth.
  2. Rub gently in a circular motion using a clean white cloth.
  3. Dab with a clean wet towel. 
  4. Repeat the previous steps until the stain is removed.
  5. Dab the affected area with clean water and cloth to remove any leftover cleaning solution. 
  6. Allow your field cloth to air dry afterwards.


How do I wash my Pvramask?

Our Pvramasks are machine washable. While it is not necessary, we highly recommend washing your Pvramask in a dedicates bag.

Pvramasks, like any other face mask should be washed after each use to promote good health and hygiene.
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