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Custom PvraPrint Field Cloths are here.
After more than a year of rigorous R&D, prototyping, and stress-testing, we are excited to bring to you custom PvraPrints on our benchmark Deluxe L.E. Suede fabric.


Prepare your artwork now by downloading one of our templates HERE


PvraPrint utilizes a printing technique known as “dye sublimation.” Ink is applied with a carefully-tuned combination of heat, pressure, and duration of time to infuse fabric with ink at the molecular level (yes, molecular 🧬) to impart your chosen art.

PvraPrint differs from our Artisan screen printing process, in which ink is pressed onto the surface level of a fabric.


PvraPrint Field Cloth vs. Rubber/Mousepad Playmats

The overwhelming majority of playmats out there are rubber. Comparatively speaking, cloth playmats have historically been niche or difficult to come by. This is due to the fact it is incredibly difficult to print on premium fabrics like DLES because of its thickness and dense "fuzzy" fibers. Many of our first attempts resulted in inconsistent prints with "ghosting" effects due to the fabric shifting during pressing.
Our DLES cloth offers a far more premium card gaming experience than rubber, and from our experience that first touch is exactly why more and more players are making the switch. 
Right-click and "Open Image In New Tab" to see full-resolution
Right-click and "Open Image In New Tab" to see full-resolution


Card game players spend countless hours with their hands on their playmats - DLES is denser, softer, and more luxurious than standard rubber mats. You get a much more satisfying and controlled experience maneuvering cards about the play surface.


Long time community members have subjected their PvraPrint field cloths to rigorous use for over a year now and look just as vibrant as they did the day they were printed. Each is 100% machine washable, making cleaning and care for your PvraPrint effortless.


At the end of the day, we know you have plenty of playmat choices out there, many of them we appreciate just as much as you. We are a small team that has set out to create the finest field cloths in the world with hard work and creative focus, and we believe in our heart of hearts that we've done so. 
After all, you're getting more than just a cool product, you're joining an amazing community that is with us lockstep on this amazing journey.
Thank you for your consideration, and should you choose to give Pvramid a try, we welcome you to our family 💗