Sea of Sorrows | Archangel Pacifica x Song of the Ocean Guardians

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Archangel PVR Pacifica
x Song of the Ocean Guardians

Battle with mer-warriors from the ocean's depths in our newest aquatic-themed design, featuring exquisite fan art by our very own Amanda LaPalme and Rou.

This special print is inked in a masterful tri-color split blend of aqua, pearl, and fuschia, set against the deep aquamarine colorway of our new Archangel Pacifica.

Edge stitching features a weave of dark teal and blush tones infused with our signature metallic thread for added aesthetic.

NOTE: First print photos are shown. We will continue to mix our inks and resins to find the right balance of texture and color/vibrancy during production. Final product may differ slightly than what is shown.


On its own, Archangel is thinner even than Irisweave, rendering it nearly unplayable on a hard surface. In what is now our 4th iteration to improve Archangel's original thin structure, we fused an ultra soft felt-like backing that offers maximum comfort with high playability.


  • We have all but eliminated Archangel's known creasing issues.
  • Foldable into 1-player size without the large fold from Archangel 3.0.
  • The softest, most plush of the four Archangel versions.



      Each Pvramid field cloth is lovingly hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from print to stitch.

      Fan Art by AMANDA LAPALME 

      You can find more of Amanda LaPalme's work on FacebookInstagram, Twitch, and Twitter.

      You can find more of 肉Rou's  work on Twitter.


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      Each Unlimited field cloth will come with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

      Each black drawstring features randomly selected string color.