Sea of Sorrows | CHASE | Microglide Sea Mist x the Lamentation of Styx

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Microglide Sea Mist
x the Lamentation of Styx

Battle with mer-warriors from the ocean's depths in our newest aquatic-themed design, featuring exquisite fan art by our very own Amanda LaPalme and Rou.

Inked in a gorgeous blend of teals and indigos atop our Microglide fabric in its new Sea Mist colorway.

This cloth border features a blend of teal and cobalt, expertly hand-stitched to frame your battlefield.


When we first discovered Microglide we thought it was just a new colorway of Ultraglide. But the more we rubbed our hands over it we noticed one thing: there was  nearly no directional pile. If there is, it is extremely subtle and unnoticeable.

While it has the same backing as Ultraglide, its fibers are noticeably shorter, offering an even smoother playing experience than its already smooth kin.

The best way to describe Microglide is it is a near exact fusion of Ultraglide and Ceryneian Hide. Could this be the perfect lightweight fabric yet? We anxiously await your feedback.


Each Pvramid field cloth is lovingly hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from print to stitch.

Fan Art by Amanda LaPalme and Rou¬†ūüĆäūüßú‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ



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Each Unlimited field cloth will come with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

Each black drawstring features a randomly selected string color.