Sweet Indolchence | CHASE | Mink Velvet x Carrot Cake + Luminous Stitching

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Introducing Sweet Indolchence, the most decadent duo in TCG in a dual-design that graces either side of the playfield depending on your appetite. 

Printed on our premium Mink Velvet fabric in a Carrot Cake colorway. Mink Velvet was previously offered in extremely limited quantities and easily became a favorite among collectors due to its uniquely soft, luxurious feel.

Edge stitching will feature Luminous thread for an added glow-in-the-dark aesthetic  


Mink Velvet is a stain-resistant fabric that made it extremely challenging to print on. This results in ink-cracking that may occur over time. We believe the natural weathering gives it a nice aesthetic charm and along with its soft, velvety texture it should not affect the field cloth's value.

Limit 1 per customer.



Ships with a Premium Vellum Water-resistant Zipper Bag for safe keeping in style.