Sweet Indolchence | Deluxe LE Suede x Choconana *Unlimited*

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Introducing Sweet Indolchence, the most decadent duo in TCG in a dual-design that graces either side of the playfield depending on your appetite. 

Printed on our brand new Deluxe LE Suede Banana fabric in a delectable "Choconana" colorway. Deluxe LE Suede is the softest and thickest of our suede fabrics and is produced with a soft felt backing, giving your playfield extra depth and weight. 

We are extremely excited to offer this amazing fabric in the Unlimited Series.


1 in 7 orders will feature our "Gatcha" iridescent stitching for added aesthetic and collectability. Good luck!

   Ships with a Premium Vellum Water-resistant Zipper Bag for safe keeping in style.