Sweet Indolchence | Odyssey Marble x Affogato *RESERVE STOCK*

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Sweet Indolchence | Odyssey Marble x Affogato *RESERVE STOCK*

Reserve Stock are sold-out or discontinued units that are kept in the Pvramid vault to ensure original orders have been fulfilled without losses or damages.

These units may be released into the wild at Pvramid's discretion at adjusted prices to factor storage and back-end costs.

This unit has a chance for UV gatcha


Introducing Sweet Indolchence, the most decadent duo in TCG in a dual-design that graces either side of the playfield depending on your appetite. 

Printed on our industry re-defining Odyssey Marble fabric in Espresso, featuring a highly caffeinated "Affogato" colorway. 


Odyssey Marble is what propelled Pvramid to new heights in 2017 with the release of the Dark Sorceress in Odyssey Marble Ivory. Its smooth surface and extreme playability made it a favorite among players and collectors. We are extremely excited to offer this amazing fabric in the Unlimited Series so everyone can experience it for themselves.