Sweet Indolchence | Orochi-skin x Toasted S'mores *PRODUCTION ERROR #1*

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The Toasted S'mores colorway returns in this limited prototype set of Sweet Indolchence featuring a new Orochi-skin prototype cloth. This was originally meant as a test to see how Orochi-skin help up with metallic-based inks. While the color and vibrancy held up well, the fabric eventually presented issues on sustained printing runs and was thus cut short.

Only 6 units were produced, with 2 marked as production errors. Red-stitched for prototype purposes. 


  • Contains slight ink fading in the corner


Orochi-skin is a highly experimental cloth with stunning aesthetics that almost looks and feels like a mythical creature's soft hide. Although it looks like a hard vinyl material, it is actually a cross of a soft microfiber with a faux-vinyl surface. 

It scores low on the Playability scale due to its subtle but sticky play area especially in damp or humid environments. Fanning is easy in one direction but fanning back is troublesome, making Orochi-skin more suited for enthusiasts than for serious play.

Limit 1 per customer.

ONLY 6 PRODUCED: 4 for General Release, 2 Production Errors


   Ships with a Premium Vellum Water-resistant Zipper Bag for safe keeping in style.