Sweet Indolchence *PRODUCTION ERROR 2 of 3* Deluxe Dragonskin Ivory x Cotton Candy Blend

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This is a PRODUCTION ERROR that has been pulled from the general release batch.


  • Ink misprint / ink blotchh on bottom corner

Printed on our benchmark Deluxe Dragonskin fabric, this features a beautiful gradient screen of a bright turquoise blending into a neon magenta. The gradient print is achieved using a serigraph technique called "split fountain" that requires a seasoned veteran to produce.


Dragonskin scores nearly a 10 in all fabric categories due to its extremely soft and unique texture. If a better fabric exists on planet Earth we simply haven't found it yet. We are actively working on securing more of this amazing fabric so we can get this into more of your hands. If you miss out on this release please be patient as we continue the hunt...

Limit 1 per customer. Customers who have previously purchased the general release version of this field cloth are INELIGABLE.


   Ships with a Premium Vellum Water-resistant Zipper Bag for safe keeping in style.