The Dark Sorceress 2017 | PROTOTYPE | Odyssey Marble + Navy + Square Edge

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Our very first prototype of our Odyssey Marble playmats. In our focus groups it was believed the Ivory colorway would not be desirable to players, but we discovered quickly that it was our most sought-after fabric ever made not only for its smoothness but its color. As of January 2021 the Odyssey Marble Ivory fabric was discontinued and may never be available again, although we are actively looking for more.

These prototypes had square edges and version 1.0 of our edge stitching. The unique print features the Pvramid logo only on one side and the artwork is smaller on one end. This playmat was never released for sale until March 2021.

The total number produced is UNKNOWN as Pvramid's previous partners handed a number out for promotional purposes. Our best estimate is 20-30 of this prototype were produced.  


   Ships with a Pvramid magnetic box + a zipper mesh bag for safe keeping.