The Millennium Goddess | Pvraprint | Deluxe L.E. Suede x The Ancient Dawn

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The Millennium Goddess | DIGITAL | Deluxe L.E. Suede x The Ancient Dawn

This field cloth comes with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

We are excited to soft-launch our Digital Collection with our long-awaited release of Pixiepowderpuff's Egyptian-themed design, the Millennium Goddess. This features tones of scorched umber and sepia to evoke the imagery of aged parchment.


After months of R&D and painstaking trial and error, we found the optimal hardware and transfer settings to successfully print on our Deluxe L.E. Suede with full color vibrancy and detail.

While the transfer burns the resins into the ink, we are able to minimize the effects to maintain approximately 75% of Deluxe L.E. Suede's original integrity and softness. The bonus of course is there is no ink cracking and colors stay 100% resilient over time.

Thank you for being part of this special Pvramid launch.


Deluxe L.E. Suede is the softest and thickest of our suede fabrics and is produced with a soft felt backing, giving your playfield extra depth and weight. It weighs nearly 1/2 a pound (7.1 oz) without ink or stitching. It has become one of our favorites by far because of its premium S-Tier quality and incredible playability.


Digitally printed field cloths are 100% machine washable with no risk of ink fading or chipping. Hang dry or machine dry on low heat for best results.


You can find more of PixiePowderPuff's work linked on her LinkTree page.



Each Unlimited field cloth will come with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

Each black drawstring bag comes with one of 5 randomly selected string colors: Black, Red, Pink, Purple, and Natural.