The Millennium Goddess | Pvraprint | Pvremium Dragonskin x The Ancient Dawn

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The Millennium Goddess | DIGITAL | Pvremium Dragonskin x The Ancient Dawn

This field cloth comes with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

We are excited to soft-launch our Digital Collection with our long-awaited release of Pixiepowderpuff's Egyptian-themed design, the Millennium Goddess. This features tones of scorched umber and sepia to evoke the imagery of aged parchment.


After months of R&D and painstaking trial and error, we found the optimal hardware and transfer settings to successfully print on our precious Pvremium Dragonskin. Given its design theme and natural Astral color, we knew this cloth would be the perfect compliment for Pixie's amazing work of art. 

Because Pvremium Dragonskin has a subtle layer of stain-resistant resin, it often caused ink to crack and chip on our Artisan Cloths. That is no longer an issue thanks to the digitally-printing process where the inks are burned into the surface texture, making it slightly thinner but arguably softer and even more playable. But don't take our word for it, you must experience it first-hand.

Thank you for being part of this special Pvramid launch.


Modeled after its legendary predecessor, Pvremium Dragonskin is a more vibrant version featuring soft all-black felt backing for extreme comfort. Dragonskin scores nearly a 10 in all fabric categories due to its extremely soft and unique texture, and is now exclusively limited to the Digital Collection.


Digitally printed field cloths on Pvremium Dragonskin are 100% machine washable with no risk of ink fading or chipping. Hang dry or machine dry on low heat for best results.


You can find more of PixiePowderPuff's work linked on her LinkTree page.



Each Unlimited field cloth will come with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

Each black drawstring bag comes with one of 5 randomly selected string colors: Black, Red, Pink, Purple, and Natural.