The Saiyan Unleashed | PROTOTYPE | Softglide Crimson x Onyx

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Our inaugural DBS-TCG playmat features Goku and Vegeta surrounded by the dragon god himself, Shenron. This amazing fan art was created by Chris Won aka "The Wonster."

This Crimson x Onyx colorway was originally part of our November 2020 launch and detailed with a swirl of black and metallic red stitching. 


Softglide was an experimental fabric that we chose because of its soft and lightweight surface. Shortly after it was in the hands of players however, we noticed the edges would often curl inward resulting in poor playability. We pulled all the Softglide field cloths from our store and decided to vault it until further notice.

While not heavy and dense like many of our premium fabrics, Softglide makes for a perfect practice field cloth that offers decent playability if folded in half. 

   Ships with a Premium Vellum Water-resistant Zipper Bag for safe keeping in style.