Signer of the Rose | CHROMA BLIND BOX | Grab Bag of Insanity

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Feeling a bit crAzY?  Here is YOUR CHANCE to grab an extra special Chroma Field Cloth! 

Introducing our newest grab bag; these designs are not for the faint of heart. These cloths feature a variety of our most outrageous prints, including ink negatives, Cloak UV, and unreleased colors and fabrics from the depths of our vault.  You likely will never find these in our regular releases, so this may be your only chance to get your hands on anything like this. 


We are applying the Chroma Cooldown rules to this Grab Bag collection. This means if you purchased a Chroma cloth in the last 72 hours, you are ineligible to purchase. 

Please understand that we want to service our community and offer these special field cloths to those who have been patiently waiting for their moment to shine!

Lastly, one lucky grab bag winner will take home our bonus Cloth - our premium Bambooluxe in a Golden Road colorway with Stargazer gradient ink. Good luck and Godspeed...

You will receive one of these randomly chosen field cloths: 

  1. The Black Rose Witch | Ceryneian Hide Spearmint x Foxglove *CloakUV* #1 of 1
  2. The Black Rose Witch | Cloudweave Mint x Golden Amaranthus #1 of 1
  3. The Black Rose Witch | Distresstech Red Storm x Golden Parade #1of 1
  4. The Black Rose Witch | Deluxe L.E. Suede 2.0 x Midnight Iris #1 of 1
  5. The Black Rose Witch | Hyperion Licorice x Golden Parade #1 of 1
  6. The Black Rose Witch |  Irisweave Peweter x Bronzed Cocoa #1 of 1
  7. The Black Rose Witch | Sheentech Abyss x Golden Parade #1 of 1
  8. The Twin Rose Goddesses | Distresstech Red Storm x Frost Lily  #1 of 1
  9. The Twin Rose Goddesses | Hyperion Licorice x Passionflower #1 of 1
  10. The Black Rose Witch | Bambooluxe Golden Road x Stargazer *BONUS* #1 of 1

Again each order will come with one cloth randomly chosen at the time of fulfillment. We know F5 fatigue is a real thing so we hope this helps ease the sting of all the restless days and nights. 

As always, we are humbled by your support and enthusiasm. May the checkout gods be forever in your favor!


The Chroma Collection is a huge assortment of prototypes, experimental cloths and colorways, and production samples that have been stitched with our proprietary threading process to encompass all the colors of the spectrum. 


Each Chroma cloth will be numbered and certified by a team member, ensuring your field cloth is unique and catalogued.


Each purchase comes with a 72-hour Cooldown period, meaning you may only purchase ONE Chroma field cloth every 72 hours. If you see more than one available, choose wisely!  

   Ships with a Premium Vellum Water-resistant Zipper Bag for safe keeping in style. 


Be sure to read our FAQ for rules on purchasing any field cloth in the Chroma Collection.