Trinity Corps | CHASE | Oakenpelt x Bloodstained Fatigues

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Trinity Corps | CHASE | Oakenpelt x Bloodstained Fatigues

During a more peaceful time, this pelt would have belonged to a creature raising a family. But after constant bombardment from foreign invaders, nature’s almighty wrath, and its own personal demons, that creature ultimately had its life taken unceremoniously by the creeping fatigue.
Now its body continues to exist, preserved as a useful tool for the next generation and helping to raise a family that it had never known.,,

Raid the battlefield with the deadly vixens Desert Blossom and The Mechanic, featuring original fan art by the exquisite Pixiepowderpuff. 

Inked in pale green fatigues with a splash of crimson against the desert-themed field of battle below.


Oakenpelt is considered to be an amazingly premium and playable fabric due to its softness and sleek texture. It also has an uncanny resemblance to a vintage non-Pvramid playmat that collectors will easily recognize, despite its slightly stronger directional grip.

While not as thick as Angeldown or Deluxe L.E. Suede, its rigid mesh backing gives it extreme playability and keeps your cloth flat and sturdy on the table.


Each Pvramid field cloth is lovingly hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from print to stitch.

Art by PixiePowderPuff

You can find more of PixiePowderPuff's work linked on her LinkTree page.




Each Unlimited field cloth will come with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

Each black drawstring bag comes with one of 5 randomly selected string colors: Black, Red, Pink, Purple, and Natural.