The White Rose Maiden | Deluxe L.E. Suede 2.0 Matcha x Sakura

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The White Rose Maiden is in her Zen-like element in this gorgeous colorway. Printed on our debut of Deluxe L.E. Suede 2.0 in a Matcha colorway. 

A Japanese Zen garden was the inspiration for this colorway, printed in pastel pink tones against a subtle green backdrop. This is also our first offering of this upgraded version of our game-changing Deluxe L.E. Suede.


Deluxe LE Suede 2.0 is a slightly more improved version of the original - noticeably softer with less directional grip, and is offered in more stunning colors. It is slightly more dense, weighing nearly half an ounce more.

Still the softest and thickest of our suede fabrics and is produced with a soft felt backing, giving your playfield extra depth and weight. It weighs nearly 1/2 a pound (7.6 oz) without ink or stitching. It has become one of our favorites by far because of its premium S-Tier quality and incredible playability.



Each Unlimited field cloth will come with a free Pvramid Black Cotton Drawstring Bag for added protection.

Each black drawstring bag comes with one of 5 randomly selected string colors: Black, Red, Pink, Purple, and Natural.