Witch Guide of the Halloworld Playmat | Vampire Violet (on Ebony)

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The limited seasonal playmat in Vampire Violet Green featuring artwork by Amanda LaPalme. This variation is pressed on our premium "Fibreglide" fabric in ebony. 

1 in 7 playmats will have gold-infused "gatcha" stitching and comes with our special edition Pvramid magnetic box.

Only 55 produced.

   All orders include ONE mesh zipper bag to carry your playmat in style. Each bag will fit one Pvramid playmat when folded into thirds.



To help balance the playing field, we will release our playmats in batches as they come off the production line. If an item is sold out, remember to check back regularly as we don't always announce when another batch is made available. Products may also re-stock occasionally due to cancellations.