Witch Guide of the Halloworld | PROTOTYPE | Odyssey Marble Charcoal x Zombie Green *GLOW*

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The Witch Guide of the Halloworld playmat ushered in Pvramid's official re-launch in October 2020 and easily became one of our most sought-after playmats behind the original 2017 Dark Sorceress.

When we first decided to produce a playmat on the Charcoal Odyssey Marble fabric, we tested all 3 of the Halloworld colors only to settle on the Pumpkin Orange colorway for general release. Only 7 each of theĀ Zombie Green and Pumpkin Orange prototypes were produced. Three were given away to influencers and contest winners before including them in our Prototypes collection.


Ā Ā  Ships with a Pvramid magnetic box + a zipper mesh bag for safe keeping.